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Canada's Premier At-Home Water Testing & Reporting Solution

Can You Trust Your Drinking Water?

We can tell you! My Water Quality provides comprehensive water testing results in an understandable report card format that gives you the knowledge to make informed decisions about the safety of drinking water.

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Quality Water Testing

Hands-on water quality testing kits and reporting services for homeowners using well, municipal, or surface water supplies.

Municipal Water Supply

Municipal water supply may be safe at its source location, but contaminants can sneak into your water supply via plumbing.

Detect Contamination

Contaminates can be naturally occurring from rocks and minerals, or a result of activities occurring at the surface, such agricultural and industrial activities.

Lab Tested

Our partner laboratory is fully accredited and licensed and has been providing technically proficient analytical laboratory testing services for over twenty years.

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Our Most Popular Testing Kit

The General Homeowner Well Testing Kit tests for 47 parameters including metals, anions, and general water quality indicators. You can’t go wrong with this kit.

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Supporting Water First's Drinking Water Internship

$5 of every water quality package purchased through will go to Water First.

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Why Should I Sample My Water?

Testing the quality of your well water on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining a safe and reliable source. This will help ensure that the water source is being properly protected from potential contamination.

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