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How We Grade Your Water Supply Source

The Canadian Water Quality Index (CWQI) is an effective method to rate the water quality and determine its suitability for drinking purposes. CWQI measures a wide variety of parameters of water quality and then cumulatively translate them into one score.

The CWQI method requires a group of parameters that have drinking water objectives that have been set either by the Canadian government or a province to ensure that the water intended for human consumption:

The CWQI calculates three factors based on these objectives: (1) the number of parameters that fail their objectives, (2) the proportion of samples that fail their objectives, and (3) the relative magnitude of any failures. These factors are combined to give an overall rating that is related to common descriptors (Table to left). Thus two important environmental aspects, the frequency and severity of adverse conditions, are included in the calculation of the CWQI.

Is your Water Safe?

Testing the quality of your well water on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining a safe and reliable source.

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