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Where to Take Your Water Sample

There are two types of water that can be sampled from a private water supply: Raw or Treated.

Raw water is untreated and will be the water that comes directly from your water well.
Treated water is the water that has pasted through a treatment system such as a filter, UV system, or water softener.

All water samples should be of the raw water, unless you are testing to see if your treatment system is working. In this case you would take one sample of the Raw and one of the Treated

To collect a Raw water sample from a home with a treatment system, please take the sample from an outdoor tap (not through a hose) or the tap that is found before water enters the treatment system.

A Treated sample can be taking from any tap within the home (kitchen is the most practical location)

Tecia White

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Is your Water Safe?

Testing the quality of your well water on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining a safe and reliable source.

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