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Detailed Water Sampling Instructions

Step 1: Unpack Cooler

The cooler contains:

  1. Laboratory Sample Bottles
  2. Ice Pack
  3. Disinfectant Wipe
  4. Chain of Custody (paper work)
  5. Return Packing Tape

Step 2: Put the Ice Pack in Freezer

Put the ice pack in the freeze at least the night before you plan to take the sample. The water samples need to remain cool until they arrive back to the laboratory.

Step 3: Contact Purolator

The day before you take the sample, contact Purolator to arrange for the cooler to be picked up. This should be done the day before your take the sample. You can either call Customer Service. 1-888-SHIP-123 (1-888-744-7123) or create an account on

Step 4: Pick a Sample Location(s)

Pick an appropriate tap(s) to collect the sample from. This may be from an untreated (raw) or treated water tap, depending on the water quality package you ordered.

Step 5: Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands with soap and water

Step 6: Disinfect Tap

Clean the mouth of the tap with the disinfectant whip and let water run for 2 minutes before collecting the water sample.

Step 7a: Fill Sample Bottles

Run the cold water for 2 minutes before collecting the water sample. Fill bottles to the marked line or till they are full but make sure they do not overflow.

Step 7b: Fill Glass Vials

In your bottle set there will be small amber vials for the volatile compounds. These bottles must contain zero headspace (no air in the vial).

Step 7c: Fill Glass Vials

  1. Completely fill the vial (slowly to minimize agitation and aeration).
  2. Form a meniscus (dome of water) and then slowly screw on cap to seal the sample.
  3. Check for bubbles by inverting the vial and gently tapping it.
  4. Add more water if you see air space or bubbles.

Step 8: Fill out the Requisition Form

Your cooler package will contain a requisition form known as a Chain of Custody. Fill in the highlighted areas, which will be the time and date the sample was collected, along with your name and signature

Step 9: Repack Cooler

Repack Cooler with frozen ice pack, filled water bottles, laminated instructions, and completed requisition form. Tape cooler closed with tape strips provided.

Step 10: Ship Cooler

Place shipping label on cooler and leave for Purolator to pick up or drop at a Purolator drop-off location

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